January wrap-up - cruise, new gig and a book on serverless computing

January 31, 2017

With this post, I’m trying to start a new series of posts trying to wrap up my past month in tech (and perhaps a bit of my private life). I don’t know if this really works for me, but I was just curious so I started to do so. Yes, and I know that this is nothing new as others already do so (or even do a weekly wrap up, which is too much for me).

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Serverless Compute Manifesto

December 30, 2016

While updating and preparing my “Serverless (Web/Microservice) Architectures” slides for upcoming conference talks, I stumbled upon the Serverless Compute Manifesto, which was introduced during 2016 at various conferences by AWS people. I didn’t find a unique source, but a dedicated Google search shows some interesting entries!

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